Adam Dube

 Adam has been in recovery for the past year. He struggled with substance use disorder for 12 years and overcame many adversities such as homelessness, the death of friends, and his family shunning him. While in treatment a year ago, he decided that he wanted to backpack across America. When he got out of treatment he began dating a hiking enthusiast and he fell for her and the hiking lifestyle. Although they’ve since separated, Adam wants to do this hike for himself. Adam has been gathering gear, researching, and training to complete a 2022 AT thru-hike. Even in the face of many hardships this past year, he has not relapsed, but remains committed to realizing his dream of hiking the AT. Through his journey, he hopes to inspire others who are also struggling to overcome addiction.  Adam is a talented artist and his “luxury item” on the trip will be a sketching journal. His dream is to one day publish an art book related to his AT thru-hike.